a drunk turtle (jadedbeauty) wrote,
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Today has been okay. Math was boring and there's a test tomorrow that I'm definately not prepared for. I found out Mr. Newfield smokes pot (seriously). In PE Patti asked me if I was mad at her and I said yes and then she asked why and I said "because you irritate me." It was kind of akward during PE, but the look of frustration on her face was satisfying. Maybe she'll learn to focus on the more important things...but I guess that's a personal oxymoron for myself. Anyways, lunch was okay...I followed Cheryl on her little adventures. I fell asleep in CAPS a few times. Did really well in band, even though there was no test...I'm getting a lot better at the trumpet. English was...all right. I have an essay...argh. After school I practiced quite a bit...Melissa came over. It was cool. Steve visisted, but surprisingly only stayed for about 15 minutes, harrassing me about my personal life of which I didn't want to share. Watched Buffy and went back to trumpet.e *sigh* I am not happy these days.
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