a drunk turtle (jadedbeauty) wrote,
a drunk turtle

lozinmust22x: hey. this would be moe. are you feeling any better?
Sportychick867: not really... kyle is acting like he is mad at me and I didn't even do a damn thing to him gawd!!!!!!!!
lozinmust22x: hmm...I couldn't explain it either. he's being pissy to me too...actually, I think he's just being pissy to everyone, because he's moping about the Amy business.
Sportychick867: I am the one that freakin' got betrayed by everyone that I trusted and he is mad at me... what the fuck
lozinmust22x: I don't know, the world is backwards
Sportychick867: yeah well I guess so... he's... I dunno
Sportychick867: is he chattin' with you right now????
lozinmust22x: Nope, he doesn't really talk to me anymore
Sportychick867: yeah well join the fucking the club
Sportychick867: what is your email address???
lozinmust22x: miss_moe@excite.com
Sportychick867: this is what I was gonna send to him but gawd dammit I have nothin' to be sorry about cuz I didnt' do a damn thing to him
lozinmust22x: So don't be sorry
Sportychick867: I mean gawd why the hell should I have to explain myself to him
lozinmust22x: you shouldn't
Sportychick867: I'm not... I didn't do a damn thing to any of you guyz and yet here I am being blammed for it all
lozinmust22x: I'm not blaming you for anything
lozinmust22x: Amy isn't either as far as I know
Sportychick867: well everyone else seems to be... at least kyle now... but what the fuck...!!!!!!!
lozinmust22x: why is kyle blaming you?
Sportychick867: HELL IF I KNOW
Sportychick867: I don't know anything now a dayz
lozinmust22x: well, if you don't know why then he probably isn't blaming you
Sportychick867: I wrote him an IM saying that I was worried about him cuz he was thinking about that shit like last year and he wrote back that I piss him off and he's not talking to me....
Sportychick867: I think he is... for gawd know's what reason...
lozinmust22x: No, he's not blaming you, he's just pissed off, because he's like that
Sportychick867: fuck it all I am through with all this shit...
Sportychick867: I mean why the hell do I even try with anybody about anything anymore freakin' a
lozinmust22x: don't ask me
Sportychick867: I feel so fucking bad inside and no one gives a shit.... gawd I feel used and betrayed and somehow everything gets turned around on me like I deserved it or something... well ya know what?? the hell with it all.... maybe I did deserve it... I just shouldnt let people in... in my life
lozinmust22x: I think you're over dramatizing a bit, because the majority of what's going on with Kyle has nothing to do with you. It has to do with Amy and somehow you think that it's all you, which it's not, so you need to stop blaming yourself for everything
lozinmust22x: because, I hate to say this, but it sounds really pathethic that you constantly blame yourself and are crying over everything. dude, I was betrayed by kyle, but um...I'm not bitching every 20 seconds
Sportychick867: gawd maybe I am over dramatizing it but I don't give a fuck to be honest.... well thanx for your gawd damn support morrigan.. I wasn't just bitching about him ya know!
lozinmust22x: I am being supportive, by being honest. Would you rather have me not be honest?
lozinmust22x: Well, yes you were. You were bitching about him and Amy somehow blaming you for something that you don't even know of
Sportychick867: and I don't fucking cry over everything I don't know where that came from but yes thanx for being honest for once cuz no one is ever...
lozinmust22x: well, you cried over kyle for at least a week and a half and just did not stop and now something is occuring between amy and kyle and you feel the need to believe it has anything to do with you
lozinmust22x: the only thing it has to do with you is that you told me about how kyle likes amy and that's it
Sportychick867: I know that has nothin' to do with me but gawd dammit you don't know exactly what the hell you are talking about morrigan
lozinmust22x: I know a lot more than you do on the situation
Sportychick867: screw you morrigan gawd
Sportychick867 signed off at 5:43:02 PM.
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